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Folder Gluer Installation in USA, April, 2017

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Installation in USA, April, 2017

WO-750PC-R-I Print Inspection Folder Gluer

Our export partner Jiaxing Heasn Import & Export Co., Ltd. sold and installed one set SCM brand folder gluer with Inline Printing Inspection system, model WO-750PCR-I, in US-based printer K&D GRAPHICS, April, 2017.
Model WO-750PCR-I folder gluer was the 1st folder gluer in USA with Inline Printing Inspection system, which equipped with 2cameras. First one from Germany to detect the main regular print defects, including color differences, text missing or broken, dirty, points in solid color area, and so on; Second one is from UK to detect the finishing defects, especially for foil stamping defects.
The ordered machine was equipped with feeder, alignment, printing inspection section with ejection channel, pre-folding, lock bottom, final folding, transfer and delivery section; Including 2 lower gluer and Valco Melton brand 4guns electronic spaying gluing system with 2 units glue detector, and CSM brand plasma surface treatment system.
Its Max. Blank Size is 750*380mm, Max. Belt speed is 420m/min, steady work speed with inspection suggested from 180m/min to 250m/min.

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