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Model WO-750PC-R-A WO-1050PC-R-A
Paper Range 200-600gsm cardboard; G,F,E micro flute board
Speed Range

max. 420m/min

max. 320m/min
Glue emulsion type
Box Type straight line; double wall; lock-bottom; optional 4 or 6 corner collapsible box;
Main Power 16.2kw + 10.8kw 19.5kw + 10.8kw
Weight 5900kgs 7200kgs


  • As for normal straight-line, lock bottom, double wall, and 4/6 corner boxes, all machine carriers can be automatically set up completely within a few minutes after input the blank sizes into the touch screen.
  • The servo motor driven carriers free up operator to focus more on tools mounting and folding & gluing quality issues.
  • As for most standard or stored jobs, one-touch-start is available. 
  • As for shaped boxes, the machine can be set up manually at the first beginning, but all job data and machine carriers positions can be saved into touch screen. 
  • The all stored orders can be quickly retrieved and executed precisely and automatically by means of servo drive technology.
  • The max. belt speed up to 420m/min design platform is still an ideal solution for medium and long length jobs without compromise. 
  • Various substrates from 200-600gsm cardboard, to corrugated board up to E flute can be folded.
  • The machine can do more than just folding and gluing. It can carry out a range of inline processes from tape application, window patching, to inline print quality inspection.
  • Double sheet detector and ejection system avoid the paper jam to reduce waste. The intelligent stacker spacing at delivery section also reduce the waste by unsteady feeding.
Standard configuration
1. feeding section  2. alignment section  3. pre-folding section  4. lock-bottom section
5. lower gluing section  6. final folding section  7. transfer section  8. delivery section
9. electric cold gluing system (4 channel controller with 2 guns 2 senors)
Optional configuration
1. back folding system for 4/6 corner boxes  2. inline print inspection system
3. plasma surface treatment system  4. squaring device
5. double sheets detect and ejection device  6. semi-automatic collect table
  • 产品名称: Automated Setup Folder Gluer