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Model WO-650/750/850/1050/1250
Paper Range 200-600gsm cardboard; G,F,E micro flute board
Speed Range

max. 420m/min

Glue emulsion type
Box Type straight line; double wall; lock-bottom; optional 4 or 6 corner collapsible box;



  • 100% in-line inspection of the entire print image takes the quality control to next level.
  • It checks every carton for defects such as print missing, content deviation, dirty and color variation, as well as die cutting registration, and process missing of embossing, varnish coating and film lamination. 
  • Additional variable bar code detection can be chosen as optional. 
  • The in-line inspection modular can be equipped into our WO series and SQ series folder gluers.
  • The max. speed of the inspection can reach up to 300m/min.
  • All setting can be saved into computer for repeat jobs. 
  • One 7K resolution ratio, 36K line frequency 3CCD high speed color line-scan camera from Germany (Chromasens brand).
  • One 8K resolution ratio, 36K line frequency TDI CCD high speed monochrome line-scan camera from UK (E2V brand).
Standard configuration
1. feeding section  2. alignment section  3. pre-folding section  4. lock-bottom section
5. lower gluing section  6. final folding section  7. transfer section  8. delivery section
9. electric cold gluing system (4 channel controller with 2 guns 2 senors)
Optional configuration
1. back folding system for 4/6 corner boxes  2. inline print inspection system
3. plasma surface treatment system  4. squaring device
5. double sheets detect and ejection device  6. semi-automatic collect table
  • 产品名称: WO series Print Inspection Folder Gluer