SCM brand folder gluers adopt the most advanced technologies to develop a wide range of machines for your selection based on the different budgets. With production speeds of range from 250 meters to 600 meters per minutes, a high level of automation, and an open and easily accessible modular design, the machines delivery maximum productivity, precise folding carton processing, and optimum flexibility.

The innovative technology makes us possible to customized the machines and expand them according to precise requirements. And offer the perfect solution for processing anything from standard to highly complex packaging.
The SCM brand is well known as the most advanced folder gluer in the world and compares favourably with top brands such as Jagenberg, Bobst and Signature, but with a far lower investment required.


HEASN became the exclusive export partner for SCM brand folder gluers since 2014. In the future, our main focus in terms of exports is to consolidate our European sales and then to increase our presence in the USA.

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